Established in 2008, Encore is a group of companies that has been serving the construction industry in specific fields. The group is comprised of following; Encore Construction, Encore USA, Encore Italia and Simirna Industry.
We operate almost in every continent thru fully owned subsidiaries that are specialized in certain fields and act independently with a common corporate awareness; Reliability.

The primary business activity of Encore consists of;
Engineering, Procurement and Contracting
Import, Export, and Re-Export of several type of building materials between the Americas, Europe, Africa and Middle East for professional contractors.
Encore Construction is specialized in the EPC services and performs internationally in most challenging markets. We have been largely involved in US Government secure projects since 2008 all over the world, in seven continents. 
The main advantage we provide for our clients is to offer key turn solutions which includes following;

Engineering the application details, shop drawings, take-offs and BOQs.

Identifying correct product per the spec, preparing the submittal – technical paperwork, coordinate the details between the manufacturer and the client, coordinate the delivery and make sure the order is in transit per the site production schedule. Running high volumes and having strong ties with several different manufacturer worldwide allows Encore to offer right product with competitive terms.

Encore is recognized by over 40 manufacturers as an approved installer and solution partner for specific fields including but not limited to roofing, waterproofing, interior finishes, special coatings, traffic coatings, water tanking and light steel structures.
Encore USA
Encore USA is a United States based entity that operates within a 5.000 m² warehouse facility in Miami, Florida. The primary business activity of Encore USA is to import, export and distribution of construction materials within the USA, Central America and Caribbean. Encore USA is currently representing leader brands of construction market within the USA.
Encore Italia
Encore Italia is a real estate investment company which is established with Turkish-Italian partnership. Encore Italia headquarter is placed in Rome and conducts project developing, application and sales activities in the field of building private properties.
Simirna Industry
Simirna Industry is a Joint Venture established in 2013 between Encore Construction and USG ME. The main objective of this joint venture is to manufacture and distribute a Ready Mix Joint Compound in a 2.000 m² Izmir production plant. Simirna Industry distributes its product line nationwide in Turkey and exports it to Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East and Turkic Countries.